About Me


Danilo Monte is director, cinematographer and editor.
At age of 13, his father gave him a camera and since then Danilo don’t stop looking at the world through a loop. In the late 90’s, when digital video is born, he began to work assiduously on audiovisual. In the early 2000’s he participated in the Indymedia project as a video-activist and, at the same time, he met and collaborated with Alberto Grifi. The vision of the film “Anna” by Alberto Grifi and Massimo Sarchielli inspires all his work. In 2003 he began shooting documentaries. Its production is characterized by a strong realist and autobiographical vocation. His latest film “Memories, on the road to Auschwitz” won the Avanti Prize at the 32nd Torino Film Festival and it was released in Italian cinemas in October 2015 with Lab80 Film distribution.